Clients Say...

Mary Anne was a huge help in navigating the jumbo loan landscape through what proved to be a challenging transaction. We didn’t realize it at first but the property actually I was buying consisted of two non-contiguous parcels, something that lenders really don’t like. On her own, Mary Anne called in a real estate lawyer and constructed an innovative approach to secure the property with minimal hassle. Throughout the process she maintain a sense of humor and professionalism that make the process much, much easier. I would highly recommend Mary Anne!
— Matt S., Mill Valley, CA

Mary Anne really helped made the re-fi process simple and cost-saving for us. We will definitely go back to her for any mortgage/loan needs in the future.
— Bruce S., Berkeley, CA

Mary Anne is adpty named the Queen of The Loan!

Mary Anne is the type of mortgage broker you want if you would like to secure a loan at the best possible pricing along with the best possible customer service to match!

I chose Mary Anne after doing an extensive amount of research. I spoke to a number of different mortgage brokers - including some at big banks. From the very beginning, I was impressed with the level of attention and detail I was provided. More importantly, I was never given fake promises or a high pressure sales tactic.

Securing a loan has become very challenging these days. Add that to a fast-paced and crazy real estate market, and you get a formula that requires real professionals to navigate. Mary Anne guided us through the loan process on two unsuccessful purchases. She never lost her thoroughness, civility, or dedication on either transaction. I guess the third time is the charm, as that is what it took to get us the perfect home. We couldn’t be happier with pricing or the process.

We received a highly detailed and quantitative proprietary analysis which made choosing the best terms on our loan simple. Mary Anne worked tirelessly and diligently on a very challenging loan. Many times, she would stay late to assist with any questions and even spent many weekends working to secure the loan. She was able to think of very creative and innovative solutions that made it possible for us to be able to purchase a home. Her dedication is truly impressive.

I would recommend Mary Anne without hesitation.
— Melten Z., Cardiff, CA

We just bought our first house. Our family had a great experience working with Mary Anne as our mortgage broker. She is very knowledgeable at what she does. We were referred to Mary Anne by our Real Estate Agent. Mary Anne truly is the most charismatic genuine professional I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She kept us updated play by play with every and any bit of news she had received in regards to our loan. She was very patient with us. She answered all of our questions very patiently while helping us understanding all the details. I will absolutely without a doubt keep Mary Anne as financial contact. Without hesitation I will refer people to Mary Anne. You cannot go wrong with Mary Anne she is really the “Queen Of The Loan”!!!!
— Kesner G., Rancho Cucamonga, CA

We just bought our first house, working with Mary Anne Daly. Mary Anne gave us different lending options, with a thorough analysis, including all the different variables. She broke it all down, without me pulling teeth to get the information. She patiently answered all my questions, and gave me information that I never thought to ask. No other lender/broker even came close to the analysis that Mary Anne presented. I really felt like we went with the right lending option - the correct amount of down payment, interest rate, and budget.
We just met her face-to-face for the first time this evening, when we signed all the papers on our new house. She showed up with cheese and crackers! We feel really lucky that we were presented with the options to make the correct decision for US. We stayed within a budget, and have money left to fix up what is necessary for our house.
Mary Anne really guided us. Her qualitative analysis really stood out among the other people I talked to during the lending process. She also referred us to realtors, one of whom ended up being the best! (Karon Knox Franzella - check out the review I left for her!)
— priya r. San Francisco, CA

We had a great experience with Mary Anne Daly. We were impressed that she took the time to explain the process and our mortgage loan options and then put us in a loan that saved us a substantial amount of money.
— Jan C., San Francisco, CA